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Easy Appetizer Recipe for the Ages

I remember making hundreds and hundreds of these during the party season in my early catering days. It’s an easy but lovely...

An Italian Tradition this Xmas Eve

This stew is light, spicy and crammed packed with delectable seafood! Feel free to use your favorite fish in this recipe. ...

Simple. Elegant. Delicious.

Ease into the New Year with a simple side dish that is as healthy to eat as it is ridiculously easy to...

A Pasta Dish for Bacon Lovers

Bacon lovers take note. This pasta dish is lightning quick and can be devoured straight from the skillet, leaving you extra time...

It’s Here …. It’s Here!!

This cookbook is filled with triple tested recipes, sure to please the foodies on your Christmas list. As a special offer, when...

Turkey Day Planning

I’m making my final Turkey Day decisions, and putting everything on my menu plan. Next, it’s time to gather those recipes together...

Countdown to Turkey Day!

I’ve made a ton of Thanksgiving dinners over the years, and there’s one thing that stands out…. organization is key. Without it,...


I love a piping hot bowl of delicious chili. I often spice mine up so much, that the fire department is lurking...

Gimme S’more Cupcakes!

Gather round the campfire, or party with these s'mores-meet-chocolate cupcakes. This is a decadent cupcake made with brewed coffee, crunchy graham crackers...

Apple, Ginger & Chutney, Oh My!

It always starts with a trip to the farmers market. During this particular visit, I was drawn to stalks of fresh ginger,...

Best Garlic Bread…. Evah!

It's a spaghetti & meatballs kinda night, so let’s give ourselves permission to splurge! Elevate the loaf and bring bread out-of-the closet!...

Rise Up Risotto!

Fall is here and that means SQUASH! I combine spicy butternut with cauliflower rice to make a risotto that melts in your...

Party Ready Croquettes!

Another treasure I learned how to make after my tapas crawl in Spain. It's super easy to make right here in the...

Tapas Crawl Dinner Party!

I canvassed my guests, and by far the favorite dish of the evening was the shrimp. It’s not only terrific as a...

Game Day Dip!

You know that time, when in the fourth quarter, your team just looks…well…not as good as you anticipated? That’s the time for...

Cookies Made for Dippin’

Next time you're in the mood for a cuppa, with a little something extra to snack on, this easy biscotti recipe is...

The Humble Fungus

There’s nothing better than meaty mushrooms, with a tangy, crunchy filling!


A Fresh Baked Compromise

I couldn't decide what looked better at the farmer's market: peaches or pie -- so I went home and baked a quick...

Bowled Over and Over and Over

Chicken Marsala + roasted carrots, + curried Japanese eggplant & kale make for an awesome dinner bowl!



A poutine/chili-cheese/disco fry dish. It's a saucy fry, mated with buffalo chicken – just in in time for football pre-season tailgating!


Pesto Change-Oh!

Summertime freshness is all about combining fresh greens, with macadamia nuts, scapes, Parmesan cheese and olive oil -- these ingredients marry into...

In Honor of Blueberry Muffin Day

What could be better than summer berries, bursting and melting in buttery muffins? Here's a recipe to celebrate July 11, Blueberry Muffin...

Company’s Comin’ Gumbo

It's almost Christmas Eve! If you're looking for a dish that is perfect to serve while gathering around the tree, here is...

Pumpkin Overload!

What to do with all of those two for the price of one cans of pumpkin puree? Well, it's a bit like...

All the Single Ladies!

I hear from my single girlfriends that cooking dinner for one is just too hard to do. Instead they opt for a...

Vietnamese Cooking Class

I just returned from my Asian adventure, where my favorite experience was the cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam.  Let me recreate...

Time to Make the Donuts!

Close your eyes and take a bite of this sugary, warm, light-as air treat and convince me you are not eating a...

Snack Attack!

HOLY APPY, Batman! This one is for the record (cook) book. I saw Food Network star, Ree Drummond prepare bacon appetizers on one...

Dressing with Veggies

This is my favorite dressing for turkey day and every other time that I can bring it to the table. Yes, it...

Mixed Media

Everything you do, you do better if you enjoy the process – the more masterful the setting, the more enjoyable the experience....

Harvest Tomato Cheddar-Feta Soup

With the arrival of fall the time for soul-warming soups is here. Sunset Produce is the best choice for this recipe, but...