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Tapas Crawl Dinner Party!

I canvassed my guests, and by far the favorite dish of the evening was the shrimp. It’s not only terrific as a small plate, but it’s also an easy, one-pan meal that is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner.


Vietnamese Cooking Class

I just returned from my Asian adventure, where my favorite experience was the cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam.  Let me recreate a day in the life there:  it starts with a tour through the central market, filled with just-plucked, exotic vegetables and fruits. Women...

Chinese Hot Pots: A Must-Eat for Travel Channel Foodies!

Right now I feel like Anthony Bourdain in one of his more exotic filming locales. My husband and I are in Asia and our tour guide here in Beijing, Jack, spent hours with us traveling to and from sites and talking excitedly about food. I feel...