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What do you get the home foodie that has everything? Something from Jorj’s Yummy Things Kitchen Gift Guide!

What To Give The Hostess with the Mostest

Joanna Buchanan

This is my one stop shop for gifting during the Holidays. Joanna Buchanan line of luxe, seasonal accessories, holiday decor and gifts was born from her mother’s love of holiday decorating and a dig through her great grandmother’s vintage collection of ornaments stashed in her parent’s home in the English countryside.

Inspired by these finds, she envisioned a new take on classic holiday decor — an unexpected twist on conventional ornaments, she has transformed the holiday season by adding a level of vintage sophistication and glamour that has been missing from the marketplace.

Mud Pie

I think Mud Pie is so clever. The saying on the dishes are just too cute. There is so much variety, it’s hard to choose. One of my favorites is the Mud Pie Circa Pumpkin Pie Dish Set, the saying is “In Pie We Crust”. Every hostess will love this!

Most Wanted Home Cook Gifts


When it’s just time to up your spice game… find everything you want at Spicewalla.

James Beard Award Winning Chef, Meherwan Irani, owner of Chai Pani restaurant (to name just one!) has put his heart and soul into creating spice blends that bring his fresh take on spice blends into your home kitchen.

From the classics like Garam Masala and Herbs de Provence, to his Signature Blend like Cowboy Grilling Rub and Chai Masala, professional and home chefs alike can find every spice they need.

My favorite…French Fry Seasoning Salt…of course!

Wooden Spurtle Set

These look so good in your utensil holder. 

The All Purpose Spurtles Set is an ergonomically designed acacia wood set of spatulas designed to fulfill all your cooking needs.

Use large and medium spatulas to mix ingredients, flip food, stir thick stew, make eggs, pancakes and much more while slotted spurtle helps with separating egg whites, strain pasta & veggies etc.

The thin and small spatulas make spreading butter, cheese jelly easy peasy.


Brown Sugar Keeper Bears

Hard brown sugar makes me crazy! Made from high fire, unglazed terracotta clay, this 2 pack of Brown Sugar Bears sugar keepers maintains moisture in brown sugar to keep it soft for approximately 3 to 6 months. No more rock hard brown sugar!

Italian Canned Cherry Tomatoes

I use these in everything. The cherries are sweet, like roasted tomatoes without the work. Imported from Italy, these cans of Tuscanini Whole Cherry Tomatoes are vine-ripened cherry under the Tuscan sun and cradled in the rich volcanic soil in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. These tomatoes will bring that authentic Italian taste to all your dishes.

Epic Duck Fat

You haven’t fried a fry until you fry it in duck fat! Also duck fat is the key ingredient to making Duck Confit… and yes, you can cook a duck leg THING! From nose to tail, EPIC Provisions is committed to honoring and utilizing all aspects of the animal. With the newest addition of animal cooking oils, we are furthering our commitment to what we call the “EPIC Whole Animal Project.” Epic Duck Fat is my animal oil of choice.

Multi Cherry Pitter

When you need enough cherries to fill a cherry pie, you need this tool! This OXO Good Grips Multi Cherry Pitter releases pitted fruit directly into bowls for more cherries with less mess. You simply press and lift and up to six pitted cherries will fall directly into your bowl.

Hudson Sour Dough Bread Brick

When you don’t have time to feed your sour dough starter, this bread brick will produce the perfect loaf. The Hudson Oven Bread Brick is an artisanal bread blend with a sour dough starter. I brick makes one loaf. 

All you do is add water, knead, let rise and bake. Out of the oven comes a loaf of warm bread that will likely disappear before your eyes. This is an excellent way to dip your toe in the waters of all thing’s sour dough.  Check it out!

Home Cook GIft Splurge

This functional Le Creuset Signature Dutch L’Oven is decorated with swirls of tiny hearts that make it so pretty, there’s no need to hide it in a closet. I keep mine on the stove top. It’s the perfect size for baking bread, cooking chili, frying chicken and potatoes, simmering all sorts of soups and stews. This pot holds the heat so that you can make things in advance, and they will stay hot in the pot!

Finally, cookware that is not only functional but totally gorgeous with absolutely yummy colors. Not only all that… but it’s a dream to clean.

Clean cooking gets squared away with Caraway’s non-toxic Squareware Set. Featuring their signature non-stick ceramic coating, these four spacious pans are perfect for recipes that need a bit more room. The set includes my favorite pan – the square grill pan, a square griddle pan, two-burner griddle, a roaster with rack and complimentary magnetic organizers to keep your cabinets tidy.

The colors are outrageous. Yours for the choosing.

Ooni’s first fully electric portable pizza oven helps you throw great parties – indoors or out. The Ooni Volt Indoor & Outdoor Pizza Oven can reach 850°F after just 20 minutes of preheating. It cooks Neapolitan-style pies in as little as 90 seconds. The innovative oven features adjustable temperature, time and balance controls that allow you to make any style of pizza exactly the way you like it. Integrated handles and simple plug-and-play operation make the oven easy to move and use. Just place it in a convenient spot in the kitchen or on the patio and get ready to enjoy world-class pizza in no time.

Buy Your Home Cook A Book

Just Another Missing Person by Gillian McAllister

The next must-read for your book club, Just Another Missing Person is a page turner like none other. Lots of twists! Twenty-two-year-old Olivia has been missing for one day…and counting. She was last seen on CCTV, entering a dead-end alley. And not coming back out again. Julia, the detective heading up the search for Olivia, thinks she knows what to expect. A desperate family, a ticking clock, and long hours away from her husband and daughter. But she has no idea just how close to home this case is going to get.


You want to look stylish while reading books (and recipes)? Try these Peepers on for size. These blue light blocking reading glasses and no correction frames are truly next level thanks to trend-forward design and thoughtful craftsmanship.

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