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Lofty Leftovers: Chicken Ravioli, Two Ways

One of the things you figure out when you like to cook is that you usually make more than you need…and when you learn how to make leftover food recipes, the more dishes, the merrier! Learn how to make a hearty soup and a clever take on chicken ravioli.

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Chinese Hot Pots: A Must-Eat for Travel Channel Foodies!

Chinese Hot Pots: A Must-Eat for Travel Channel Foodies!

Right now I feel like Anthony Bourdain in one of his more exotic filming locales. My husband and I are in Asia and our tour guide here in Beijing, Jack, spent hours with us traveling to and from sites and talking excitedly about food. I feel comfortable calling Jack a foodie; after all, he can rattle off the dishes he likes to cook at home so fast it will leave your head spinning. I asked him if he would take us to experience a local Chinese meal, and the next thing I knew we were driving to the mall!

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