At Long Last, A Cookbook Is Born

My new cookbook “You Can Cook Any THING” is available for preorder on Amazon, two decades after I published my very first! If you are a home cook, you’ll love this addition to your kitchen.

My New Cookbook Is Here!

The first book in the series YOU CAN COOK ANYTHING, A Guide for Newly Inspired Cooks is available for preorder on

Pre-Order your copy of You Can Cook ANY THING on Amazon!

Making Of

What a journey it has been putting my new cookbook together.

A year of assembling almost 300 recipes

Then another year to explore the artistry of thousands of graphic depictions and to shoot over 125 instructional videos to go with the recipes.

And the design of an app to enhance the book with hundreds of tips, menu suggestions and leftover remix recipes. 

Everything that a cook could want is right here!

The Start Of A New Series

I break down all this info into five smaller books.

This allows the reader to learn the basics while freeing you to explore and engage, creating your own dishes along the way.

But don’t worry, if you’re still not comfortable, simply click on one of the QR codes in the books, and I’ll be right there to get you all sorted!

Try it!!

Calling Home Cooks!

There’s just one more THING that I need…And that is YOU!

I’m looking for a few interested cooks to join my LAUNCH TEAM. 

Just say yes and you will receive a small TASTE of the first book in my series that is all about EGGS, WAFFLES, CHEESE and NOODLY THINGS to preview and delve into.

You’ll also get a link to the app for Volume 1 to learn along with the recipes in my book! 

Here you can interact with the recipes and each other, sharing your take on the recipes you choose.

If you’re happy with what you see, all I ask is that you share with your friends and family, to help me get the word out.

Let’s get this THING started! Happy 2024!!

Table of Contents

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