How To Make The Best Chocolate Cake BETTER!

You can bake the best chocolate cake at home with these easy recipes! Get my secret ingredients to moist chocolate cake and learn how to make homemade frosting!

What says L-O-V-E more than chocolate cake?

The chocolatier the better. The more frosting the better. The thicker the slice… the best.

I have two secrets to making the BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE ever! 

Secret #1 For Making The Best Chocolate Cake

Secret one is brewed coffee. Adding coffee to the batter and the frosting makes the chocolate jump out.

Secret #2 For Making The Best Chocolate Cake

The second is Black Walnut flavoring. Adding just a spoonful (or two) really adds a new dimension to the chocolatiness.

I did not discover this on my own.

It came from my hubby’s grandmother’s recipe for Chocolate Mahogany cake.

As the name implies, the essence is rooted in the depth of chocolate taste. My mother-in-law’s pantry contained small bottles of McCormick’s black walnut flavoring right next to the vanilla extract.

I made my chocolate cake without using black walnut and it just wasn’t the same.

So, I quickly adopted this ingredient and stocked my pantry with those little jars.

And then the WORST happened. McCormick stop making it in early 2000.

I scavenged around and accumulated enough flavoring to make a decade worth of cakes. My friends searched their grandmom’s pantries and that kept me going for a few more years.

But, then we reached the end of the flavoring rope.

Luckily, the internet yielded a few other brands of Black Walnut flavoring and after experimenting with a few different manufacturers, I found one that will do just fine.

Make The Cake! Original Recipe

I have two versions of this cake. The first is the original recipe handed down over 100 years!

It involves folding egg whites into the chocolate batter to lighten it up!

Check out my video to learn how to fold.

Quick Homemade Chocolate Cake

The second is the quickie recipe which gives you a head start by using a box cake and uses fizzy soda to lighten the batter.

How To Make Cake Frosting

The frosting is the same for both versions. Check out my video to see how I frost this yummy chocolate cake!

If chocolate cake is your THING… then welcome to the wonderful world of black walnut flavoring. You’re going to love it!

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