If Veggies Are Your THING, You’ll Love Volume 2

Volume 2 of my cookbook series, “You Can Cook Anything: A Guide for Newly Inspired Cooks,” progresses with a focus on Salad and Veggie Creations. Order today!

Seriously, It’s a Series and Volume 2 is Here!!

It’s lunchtime and you’ve had enough of fast food grease, sad sandwiches, and microwaved soup.

What you really want is a big, hearty salad—not one of those slimy, bagged
concoctions that you almost always end up tossing out a week after you purchase it.

A real
salad with leaves and stuff but you have no idea where to begin.

Or maybe it’s dinnertime and you’ve finally mastered grandma’s chicken recipe but all you can hear is Nana’s voice
reminding you to eat your veggies as you balk at your veggie-less plate in a fit of vitamin-deficient despair.

Well, chill out, Brussels sprout!

Inside this snazzy little book are all the tips and tricks you need to cook any delicious salady, veggie-filled, vitamin-chocked THING you’ve ever imagined (plus a few you definitely haven’t).

The You Can Cook Any THING series designed for the novice chef with a big appetite, tight budget, and zero clue.

Jorj walks you through the basics from proper knife skills to boiling an egg to cooking a meal for a crowd.

And just to make sure you get it right, there are over thirty-five instruction videos scattered throughout the pages.

All you do is click, and you have Jorj right in the palm of your hand!

You got this! Let’s get cookin’!!

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