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Apple, Ginger & Chutney, Oh My!

It always starts with a trip to the farmers market. During this particular visit, I was drawn to stalks of fresh ginger, almost 2 feet long! The bulb is large, pale-yellow, pink and incredibly fragrant. This ginger needs no peeling; it's as pungent as any...

Rise Up Risotto!

Fall is here and that means SQUASH! I combine spicy butternut with cauliflower rice to make a risotto that melts in your mouth. It freezes easy -- and so do 10 more dishes, my friends at GROOM + STYLE share in this blog.



A poutine/chili-cheese/disco fry dish. It's a saucy fry, mated with buffalo chicken – just in in time for football pre-season tailgating!


Ina vs Martha: The Brownie Wars!

Ina and Martha know nothing about it -- but I'm whipping up their recipes in a competition to see who bakes the best brownies. I think I may just have to replace my favorite GO TO BROWNIE :)