A Dinner Party, Featuring Recipes from CANVAS AND CUISINE

A Dinner Party, Featuring Recipes from CANVAS AND CUISINE

I hosted a group of dedicated parents to a multi course, wine paired dinner at our home in Charlotte. The kicker was, that they had to cook their meal!

You know I LOVE to entertain, and you know I live to share recipes and cooking skills. What’s better than to combine my loves into an evening of dining and shared cooking? Nothing.. nadda.. this is the best FUN!

We started with cocktails and some appys that covered the bases from bacon wrapped crackers (hey who doesn’t love bacon?) to roasted shrimp with avocado green goddess dressing. I also offered a lovely tuna tartar that was spiked with bits of ripe pear. Delish!

Everyone sat down to a first course of jalapeno corn chowder and freshly baked focaccia bread; both recipes are in Canvas and Cuisine. I then asked the ladies to join me in the kitchen where we created the salad, AND a stack of heirloom tomatoes on a toasted crouton, with a dressing of lemon and white balsamic vinaigrette and a garnish of warm panko crusted goat cheese. Yumm, oh yumm!

After we enjoyed our salads, the guys, divided into two groups, joined me to grill marinated pork tenderloins that were rested in an herb and garlic board sauce, and then smothered with caramelized onions and a cilantro vinaigrette.

Team two prepared green beans and new potatoes cooked with sun-dried tomatoes and lemon. (These are also recipes from Canvas and Cuisine.)

Dessert was my decadent tropical carrot cake, slathered in cream cheese frosting and a few just-baked chocolate chip and hazelnut biscotti. The absolute piece de resistance was my after-dinner treat: a take on a White Russian cocktail. Mine had glasses rimmed in black walnut bourbon sugar and included a scoop of salted caramel ice cream.

Yes, we did it up, and I can confidently tell you that everyone had a great time. I can tell you this, because it was me that had the most fun of all!

Enjoy the scrumptious possibilities by incorporating dishes like these into your future dinner parties…



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