It’s that time again. Spring and early summer produce just plucked from the ground is making its way to the farmers’ stands in open-air markets. When you go, you’ll find lots of leafy veggies: lettuces, collards, kale, and chard. Sweet spring onions, a favorite of mine, abound. Now is also the time to gather up lots of fresh herbs and transfer them to your herb garden for summer growth.

This week my purchases included a fresh chicken and a dozen duck eggs. Not only are these eggs fabulous scrambled for a breakfast bonanza, but they also have magical properties when you use them for your baked goods. They have a higher fat content than chicken eggs that produce cakes and cupcakes that rise higher with a fluffier texture. Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver recommends using duck eggs for gluten-free baking, “What your baked good loses in structure by omitting gluten can be partially gained back with the denser albumen .”

Every Saturday I head to the Watauga Farmer’s Market in Boone, North Carolina. It’s an explosion of fresh food with a smattering of local musicians, crafts, and children’s activities. Where is your favorite farmers’ market?