Foodie Event of a Lifetime Happening Soon!

Foodie Event of a Lifetime Happening Soon!

It’s not too late to book a $30 ticket to the brunch of Wolf Gang Puck’s dreams…

I lived for many, many years in Ft. Lauderdale and now reside (part-time) in Jupiter, Florida – both cities are close enough to Green Cay Farms that I had the pleasure of being a CSA member for a chunk of those years. If you’re wondering what CSA stands for, it’s “community supported agriculture”. You pay monthly dues and have a share in the local farmer’s yield. Oh, how I would look forward to opening those boxes – the salads I made from different varieties of tomatoes and lush lettuces were toe curlingly good.

It was a big, heavy box of heavenly edibles and sometimes there were things in it I couldn’t identify, but nevertheless loved to taste!

So, to hear that the head CSA farmer is retiring and being honored at a brunch had me aching to know more. Look at the master chefs (representing their restaurants) who will be in attendance: Chef Rick Mace, Café Boulud; Chef Manlee Siu, Eau Palm Beach; Chef Jeremy Bearman, Oceano Kitchen; Chef Daniel Ramos, Red Splendor; and more. I am in in North Carolina at the moment, but my food blog editor, Jen Russon will be there with bells on…well, maybe not bells, but a notebook and camera, because I fully expect her to post everything she sees to Scrumptious Possibilities — my new group on Facebook! Here’s the link to buy a ticket to the grand event this Sunday. At just $30pp, that’s a steal!

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