Jen's Soft Peanut Brittle was Very Yummy Indeed

Jen’s Soft Peanut Brittle was Very Yummy Indeed

The operative word here is “was”. The half-pound bag of peanut brittle I ordered from Maricopa, Arizona was briefly admired and quickly scarfed down. Jen’s Soft Peanut Brittle is a home business, owned and operated by NANA Network fan, Jenny Gould Gibbs Mertes. She’s a writer by day and candy maker by night. Actually, I should ask her to clarify that – maybe it’s the other way around! Jenny is a fiction editor at Brighton Publishing, with a dual love of grammar and baking.

Here’s what she has to say about her product. sat down with her, after she made batches of extra soft peanut brittle for a client with braces. Her company is just that special J:


“I find joy in creating a product that makes people smile. Every time someone does a taste test and walks out with a plate of candy and a big grin, saying they’ve never tasted anything so good, I feel fulfilled. I’m making a unique product that’s unlike the usual peanut brittle, and those happy reactions and repeat business prove I’m doing something right. I get some of the same joy from editing, but not in the same way. I know I’m improving a product and making a positive difference, but my clients may feel like they’ve been corrected by their favorite English teacher. I have to be even handed with my praise and my corrections because writers tend to be fragile creatures. Candy customers, on the other hand, are easy to please!


Why thank you, Jenny! As someone who has a real sweet tooth (and I’m sure I speak for a lot of my fellow Nanas and grands), I’ll take that as a compliment. I was delighted to discover Jenny’s product tasted like a GREAT BIG peanut butter cookie – every shard melts in your mouth. I absolutely loved the big, chewy nuts in each piece. Since the majority of Jenny’s candy is purchased and enjoyed within her own AZ zip code, she generally doesn’t ship out of state; I was happy to be that rare exception. The peanut brittle arrived looking like this:


My household used the crumbled parts in smoothies, which was awwww….some!

Here’s the info you’ll need to join the peanut gallery: $5.00 for 1/2 lb. If you buy a whole pound, you get $1 off. That’s only $9 for one pound of the best-tasting Soft Peanut Brittle ever!

Thanks for letting us do this review. We’ll look for you every day on social media!


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