Cooking School in Asia – Been there and really have done that!

I just returned from my Asian adventure, where my favorite experience was the cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam. Let me recreate a day in the life there: it starts with a tour through the central market, filled with just-plucked, exotic vegetables and fruits. Women vendors sit cross-legged on tables filleting fresh catch as you walk by. The butcher is offering fresh chickens and pigs with a long line of clientele eager to purchase them. Locals walk to the market in the morning to buy their midday meal ingredients and then return later in the day to choose fresh ingredients for supper.

What a lunch…what a day!

We head back to the hotel in vans as I suspect that the boat might be a bit overloaded after that meal. Ha, ha! Message me if you want to make any of the foods from my magical day at Red Bridge. I know I will make these dishes over and over again in my American kitchen.