My (First!) Homemade Sourdough Starter Recipe Adventures

I made my first sourdough bread, and you can, too! Check out our family adventures in bread making with a sourdough starter and get the recipe to make your first sourdough!


Facebook decided that I should learn to bake sourdough bread. 

It started with just a couple Reels of round loaves with golden tops and intricate designs being pulled from the oven.

Soon, the Reels became more prevalent and they included mason jars full of bubbling brew and beautiful young women pulling and stretching dough while simultaneously feeding their babies strapped to their chests. Who ARE these people?

But as the Reels grew in number, my interested piqued and soon I was bewitched.

Then a very interesting thing happened. 

At a family gathering I found that my daughter-in-law and niece-in-law were both intrigued by sour dough bread making…just like me.

We decided that we’d each give it a try and keep each other posted.

George the Sourdough

Kimber went first.

She was gifted some starter from a good pal and was the first to feed and grow George (Yes, we named our starters) to maturity.

She found a great recipe that comes together quickly and produces yummy loaves.

If you live anywhere near Kimber all you have to do is call, and she will have a fresh loaf for you

Grow, Sourdough, Grow!

Sachi went a different route.

She ordered a dehydrated starter and is on her second attempt to get her sourdough starter’s engine started!

We’re all rooting for her!!

The Sad Demise of Little Leroy

I went the old-fashioned way and made a sourdough starter from scratch, which is simply a combination of flour and water that you continue to “feed” and “discard” until it begins to bubble and rise on its own.

Leroy (I told you we named these guys) took a full week to reach puberty (the vigorous bubbling) and another several days of feeding and discarding until he totally grew up and fully matured!

Then came the almost two full day process of making, stretching, rising, and finally baking a loaf.

Little Leroy
produced many heirs, until one day… 

I decided that I’d better stunt Little Leroy’s growth!

Once you get a loaf of bread, you can put your starter on hold by placing him into the fridge.

I did this after four loaves…but by the third day, I realized that I missed Little Leroy and brought him out of hibernation to warm up again and start maturing. 

Now I’m into all  sorts of sour dough iterations: Sour dough sandwich bread, sour dough English muffins, sour dough pancakes…

On a sad note, I must admit that in a moment of pure dough stretching exhilaration, I knocked over the jar of starter and Little Leroy was no more.

I think I actually mourned. 

But I am renewed and I have Little Leroy, Jr. about to get his first feeding. 

I’m not at all sure where this will end, but I can guarantee that I will absolutely not be baking bread with a child strapped to any part of my body! Some things must pass! 😂

Happy Bake for Your Family Month!

Sour Dough Bread Starter Recipe


  • 1 cup whole wheat flour (you will continue to use unbleached all-purpose flour for feeding)
  • ½ cup cool water


Mix the flour with water in a mason or wreck tulip jar. Cover loosely and place on your counter top. Wait 24 hours.

On the second day save ½ of your original mixture in the jar (discard the rest). Now add ½ cup of water and stir to thin the starter. Mix in 1 cup of unbleached all-purpose flour. Cover loosely and place on your counter top. Wait 24 hours.

On the third day repeat but start doing this every 12 hours (2 times a day). Use the same amounts: ½ cup water and 1 cup all-purpose flour.

Continue twice a day feeding until your starter starts to grow. Once it doubles in size you are ready to go!

Mine took 7 days, but it can occur earlier or later. Your starter will have its own personality!

Extra Sour Sourdough Bread Recipe

Note from Jorj: I used a more complicated recipe from King Arthur’s Baking website. Check out the recipe!

Kimber’s Sourdough Bread Recipe


  • 500 grams bread flour
  • 200 grams active starter
  • 350 grams water
  • 12 grams salt


Mix everything together in a bowl, cover with a towel and let rise.

Place in Dutch oven with parchment paper or loaf pan with olive oil.

Bake at 450° for 30 minutes covered and then 15 minutes uncovered.

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